12 Childish Reasons Why I Love Agriculture With My Life

Invest In Agriculture

A lot of people do not understand why I loved/prefer Agriculture instead of focusing on my Accounting career of working in the bank and maybe big oil companies, I try explaining to them so they can understand and today I will be sharing with you.


Below are 12 powerful reasons why I love agriculture more than any other career in the world currently. Trust me, if you offer me the appointment of becoming the Accountant General of Nigeria federation, I will still be rearing my birds and pig happily and representing there too.



I love agriculture.



Agriculture is the only sector that pays money base on your performances. What this means is, if you are a hard-working person, your reward at the end of the season or a farming cycle will reflect the energy employed.



When you plant large, you harvest large. If you rear 300 birds in your pen, you can only sell 300 birds and not 3000.



No discrimination. Nobody cares about who you are. If know-how to breed birds, you will be welcome to the league, no back talking.



No political party favouritism. Let’s assume you want to become the governor of Lagos State, the first thing to consider is to join a winning political party(APC or PDP) with a lot enough of money to sponsor your campaigns and further buy few power holders to convince the masses to vote for you.


Maybe you do not have good public records but by the backings from your godfather, you can win the election and be crowd as the governor.

In AGRICULTURE… We are treated equally. You don’t need unearned favour here, if cultivate the right seeds, you will harvest right.



No skin colour preference. If are you black and decide to rear 30,000 layers birds your egg harvested will be same with a white man. No room for racism.



No dialect preference. When you want to pursue a full-time career in agriculture nobody will ask you to fill a form and indicate your tribe or religion. All human are same in Agriculture, plants or animals understand and respond to all languages correctly.


I am from the minority tribe in Nigeria but make money selling birds same as that farmer from majority tribe.



No background check. I believe my birds/pigs do not know I am from Benue State, I rear them, sell, and make my money.


I love that.



No certificate grade check. If you want to join the Nigerian Army and have F9 in English Language and Mathematics, if even you pass the aptitude test, you will miss the job.


A bank will announce vacancy but demand a certain grade, only First class, or Second class upper Bsc holders might be eligible to apply and sometimes, with a minimum of 2 years working experience.


In Agriculture certificate is useless, if have PhD in your field of study and you decide to plant cocoa nut seedlings on rocks, you won’t harvest a fruit out of it.


Do what is right and you will be blessed by nature.



No sex preference. Are you a woman or a man? plant tomato you will harvest tomatoes not mango.

Are you a man? plant mango seedlings, you won’t harvest maize. If you are beautiful or ugly, agriculture is blind to your facial looks.



No age barrier. Are you 10, 20, 70, or 100 years? Agriculture has a chance for you. I had my first yam farm at age 7 and the harvest was massive not because I was child learning, it was because I planted the right seeds, at the right time, and on right soil.

No age limit. If you are 30 years already, the Nigerian Army won’t offer an opportunity for you to serve your country, especially in Nigeria. Even if you are employed retirement is age 65 and you become a dependant.


But Agriculture employs you for life NO retirement age. I love that too



No continent/country preference. Are you from the third world country? Don’t bother yourself, do the right things and Agriculture will bless you same with citizens of first world country.


Also, no room for lazy people. Efforts are reward accordingly. The universe was created by an agriculturist who gave us seeds to plant and multiply.


Brian Tracy asserts, “And the biggest thing that holds you back from moving in the direction of your dreams is usually your favourite excuses and lack of self-discipline”.


This is 2020, format your favourite excuse and our failed government. Take charge of your destiny and embrace agriculture, do not be jobless.

Watch how agriculture operates and you’ll leave long and happy.

Plant no seeds, expect no result. No unemployment allowance in our country Nigeria, sit up.


Invest In Agriculture. No excuses.

Written by Denison

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