Agri-Food Business That You Can Start With As Little As ₦20,000 And Make Interest Of N120,000 Monthly Or More

Invest In Agriculture

Read carefully and know that it isn’t for everybody. This is an old article I wrote a few years back on social media, and believe it will help you today.



The figures and other things might change but the business idea is evergreen. Try it and you’ll make the money too.


I had an opportunity to train corpers on poultry farming/business at the NYSC orientation camp here in Benue State. I didn’t beg for such an opportunity, my Boss in the agric sector arranged the floor for me.


I built a huge network of sensible Nigerian youths, and NYSC has booked my team for the next stream of corpers already.

Kudos to my team of practical farmers.


Here is the business,

This business isn’t new, it tested and confirmed to be lucrative but many people are yet to grab this opportunity.


All you need is to copy the business system from an already existing cook, polish/marinate it with digital sense and make your money daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.


The sad reality is, the major raw materials needed are inadequate in Nigeria and not in existence in other parts of our country.


What are these raw materials?

Good questions: Chicken meat and Fresh Fish.

What do we need them for?


Another good question: Have you tested roasted fish or chicken meat? I know the majority here have tested these two types of meat with chilled wine already.


For those who haven’t tested this stupendous meal, come to my house and I will take you out tonight for a roasted chicken or roasted meat and bottle of coke.


Back to business.

During my training days, I promise to teach them how to “Add Value” to birds/fish and if possible curve another business outside selling life birds/fish.


Value Additions help reduce food waste and I remember I hosted a paid webinar early this year, some people attended and got the shocking value of their money.


Their eyes were opened and they saw how those who add little value to our farm produce actually make a triple profit above rural farmers.


They don’t cheat rural farmers, but it is nature. Our farmers don’t have access to such information or lack financial capacity to execute such processes.


Today, this information is reaching you FREE of charge. Your sex is not the determinant of success here, your mind is.


This business is for all.


How To Start,

1: Go to poultry/fish farmers, buy their fish at a reasonable price.

2: Go to the market, buy some spices and other materials needed.

3: Buy your locally made charcoal stove(see attached image for clarification).

4: Construct or better still buy a plastic table plus a lamp(popularly known as After NEPA in Nigeria).

5: Don’t rent a big shop, that small front of your house can temporarily serve as your selling point.

Or approach that big beer parlour close to you and request to use their frontage and pay them per day. Some might give you for FREE.


6: Roast your chicken/fish(put enough pepper/ginger), sell to passerby and also beer/wine consumers. Make your money smoothly without waiting for government jobs because they don’t exist.


I have other ways of making this business attractive and profitable, but I have to stop here. Pay your dues. Go try this, first use one fish, one chicken try it out and give a sample to people close to you for confirmation.


If you’re a lady or young man using social media to type rubbish(no money-making opportunities in Nigeria) but cannot prepare this simple meal, then you need to be flogged.


How profitable is this business? Good question.

The business is very profitable, I have done it practically and some corpers were ready to pay high for the fish/chicken.



I spent less than ₦20,000 to acquire those materials just for practical illustration of what I am writing here today, and if I was to sell, the profit was above ₦10,000 aside expenses/capital.


Come, let’s assume you spent ₦1,500 to buy/prepare one roasted fish. Then in return sell ₦2,500 per fish. Making a pure profit of ₦1000 per fish.

And you’ll be able to sell 30 fishes in 7 days, it will give you a pure profit of ₦30,000 cash.


What if your selling point is strategically located and you’re able to sell 100 fishes in 20 days? pure profit of ₦100,000. Someone else’s annual salary you just made in 20 days because I gave you this key and you took action immediately.


How about selling 1,000,000 fishes in 300 days? Try roasted chicken, you’ll make good returns. I have done it practically. Your locality might differ, but the business is profitable anywhere in Nigeria.


Right now… Your mind is fighting against you, “I cannot do it”. Fight your mind back by trying and failing humbly at doing it. If you don’t know how to prepare roasted fish/chicken, come and I will teach you in a few seconds.


And you’ll become a pro at it because I know how to do it, Benue state NYSC coordinators confirmed my dexterity in the field. Unemployment number in Nigeria is above 20 million already, create a business for yourself.


See Agriculture with different eyes, trillions of employment opportunities exist here for you. Come and make some money, start small. The AgriFood industry is a trillion-dollar industry, be positioned.

Written by Denison


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