Agro Commodities Trading: How To Start Trading Agro-commodities With Little Or Zero Capital And Earn Money Without Owning A Farm In Nigeria

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This article is for you if really want to venture into Agribusiness but farmland and capital(money) is your only constraint, today I want to teach how to trade Agro-commodities and cash-out huge sum of money with ZERO to little capital.


I have done that, and I am willing to teach you my secrete strategies and how you can duplicate and milk money out of Agricultural industry without getting your hands dirty. To disseminate this information, I will share with you how I was able to bank my first N3.1million trading Nigerian Stone Free Rice.


I made that money in less than 60 days.


Those days, the Federal government of Nigeria placed a ban on the importation of goods into Nigeria, and it was festive(Christmas/New year) period. During this period, the demand for consumable items like Rice, beans, tomatoes, and meat is always high.


A bag(50kg) of parboiled rice was trading in urban cities and some low rice-producing communities for as high as N20,000 to N26,000 and the price for rice in Makurdi, Benue State is very cheap. As a business guy, I knew this was an opportunity for me to make money and also combat food hunger by distributing rice to all individuals in need.


The challenge was Capital to start the rice distribution business. I had no plans of venturing into the rice distribution business, so I didn’t budget money for it and had zero surpluses to finance the project.


Can you start a business even if you don’t have any money? The answer is YES, as long as you are not greedy and have a sufficiently valuable non-monetary contribution that you can make to the business” -Robert Kiyosaki


Pay close attention, I want to teach how you can start your Agro Commodities Trading business with zero or little capital. I can guarantee you that, you can make your first million Naira or make more millions.


From the above quote, I had no money but, I wasn’t GREEDY and had SUFFICIENTLY VALUABLE NON-MONETARY CONTRIBUTION to bring to the table and I was an action taker.



While at the rice mill, I did a careful/comprehensive market research of how much 25kg and 50kg of parboiled rice was trading, I discovered that a machine was newly installed at the mill that was meant for destoning and polishing our local rice, that it becomes so clean to compete with foreign rice.


I had a SMARTPHONE, the camera brightness was superb, I took pictures of the rice, discuss with some of the sellers, bargained with them and also promised them of a big market in the next 7 days. I told them a big company by name DENKOL FARMS sent me on an assignment to conduct the market survey and give feedback so they can come and buy all quality rice.


Guys… All the information I demanded from them were replied in full details and my smartphone was recording an audio version of most conversations so I don’t miss keywords.

Remember I had zero cash on me to buy Destoner/Polisher?


That didn’t stop a sharp guy like me, I was willing and ready to use Other People’s Resources (OPR) to commence my rice business. I saw the profitability of the business, but to start on my own rice processing plant, I needed a minimum of N5million to purchase destoner and polishing machine.


Note: I had no MONEY and no MACHINES to start a standard rice processing factory, but I had the idea in my head, I could see all the profit this business can generate. So, to start, I MUST make use of Other Peoples Money(OPM) and Other People Resources(OPR).


“Use what you have for what you have is plenty” -John Obidi.


On me, I had a Smartphone, Social Media presence, and Gut to try something new. So, the pictures of rice I took at the mill were uploaded on my Facebook timeline that evening, telling my friends that I can waybill Stone Free Rice to them once they place another.


Behold, in less than 10 minutes of uploading the pictures, I had orders and they all paid in cash into my bank account.


Remember I didn’t have money to purchase rice from farmers, and they won’t give rice to me for FREE? So, I needed my clients to Pay-Before-Delivery so I can pick the rice from farmers, move it to Destoning/Polishing machines for final cleaning and packaging.


Behold, all my friends on Facebook trusted me, so Pay-Before-Delivery so not an issue, they paid without a debate. In one night, I made a solid profit of over N14,000 cash. The post went viral, a lot of people ordered and all paid in money.


Guys, I got an order for rice worth N1.5million from a Facebook friend and the money was credited into my bank account in full that night.

Do you have a smartphone?

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account installed on your smartphone?


Do you have data to browse the internet?


Image: At my Small Rice Processing Factory


If your answer is “YES” to the above questions, then, you have all the needed capital to commence your Agro Commodities Trading business.


Maybe the commodity you should trade might not be rice. Just conduct a careful market survey and let the demand of your market(Consumers) determine the type of agro commodity you should trade, don’t assume, get accurate information.


As an Agro Commodities Trading expert, I can suggest a few commodities you can start trading below. Do your market research before investing in agro trading.



You can source yams in large quantity in Benue, Kogi, and Niger State. Yam is cheap in Benue State and you can have it in large quantity during harvest seasons, with N5000-N10,000 you buy 100 tubers of yams directly from farmers.


I know you are surprised about purchasing 100 tubers for N5000 right? Yes, that how cheap you can source good yams during November/December period in Benue State. Benue State has the biggest Yam market in West Africa by name Zaki Biem Yam Market.


I know Kogi and Niger State also produce yam in large quantity and you can easily source from farmers there and resell in your community.




Tomato is one vegetable we all use daily in Nigeria and across the globe. In Nigeria, we import tomato worth billions of dollars to meet our home demand not because we don’t produce enough tomatoes, our farmers from the Northern part of the country do produce, it usually wastes in thousands of tonnes due to poor storage facilities.


So, if you want to venture into tomato trading, make provision for a good storage facility or better still focus on trading the dried tomatoes and not the fresh one.




I won’t waste my ink here because I am pained for orange farmers in Benue State. Benue State is one of the largest orange producing state in Nigeria, but do not have a single orange processing company which lead to massive wastage during the harvest of their orange fruits.



Oranges in Benue State usually produce massive fruits all year round. I know Orange is expansive in your state, but you can trade here. Come down to Benue State around November/December and buy as much as your money can buy.


Here in Benue State, a bag of orange usually trade around N500 to N2000 and farmers are always ready to sell.


Other agro commodities that you can trade and make plenty of money are listed below,

Palm oil






Bitter cola


Sesame seeds




Tiger nuts




Sweet/Irish Potatoes



Just conduct a proper market survey to know which agro commodity you can trade, invest your money and time into it. With your smartphone and the power of the internet, you can start making money today.



Written by Denison


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