FOR INVESTORS: 4 Key Areas To Invest Your Money In Agriculture That Will Generate You Maximum Returns In 2021.

Areas you should invest your money this year.

These particular investment opportunities are for people who have plenty of idle cash in their bank accounts. It means if you don’t have money now, just read.



Save this article for reference when it is time. And for people who don’t have money but can raise it easily…all you need to do is read also, then, take action, and you’ll make bulk of money in 2021.

I will share with you 4 investment opportunities in agriculture that can flood your bank account with money legitimately. Just pay close attention.



✅Agro Logistics.

As a practicing farmer, I can confidently tell why food is expensive and most times not available in urban areas. It’s because our rural farmers don’t have access to good agro-based logistics companies that can move their produce to a hungry market.

Let me explain…


I will be using the cost of yams in Lagos and other states to bring this point home for you. The cost of transporting yams from Benue State to Lagos is very high.

Here is the reason:

Most of the trucks that transport yams to Lagos do so illegally.

“Illegal?” Someone may ask. The answer is YES, illegal.



Drivers of such trucks usually move these yams against their organization’s instructions. They take the risk of being sacked if caught, to transport food products simply because most companies forbid their drivers from transporting goods outside theirs and then place heavy penalties for offenders.


For this reason, the truck drivers charge high. This automatically increases the cost of these yams once they get to the market.


So, how can one make money here? All you have to do is, “Invest bulk of that idle cash into Agro-Logistics”. What I mean by “Agro-Logistics” is, purchase good vehicles(like trucks or vans) that will be transporting farm products only.


I repeat, focus on transporting farm produces ONLY. Here, you are solving an organic problem by controlling food wastage in rural areas and making it accessible in urban areas.


✅Agricultural Properties.

To the best of my knowledge, nobody is doing this in Nigeria. I think real estate developers should see this opportunity this year (2021). Let me not complicate matters here. Just build farm structures and put them on a yearly rent payment basis and money will locate you.


For instance, a smallholder farmer like me, starting with limited resources, needs a good farm structure. However, building a modern farm requires big money, which I don’t have. But I can confidently pay N200,000 to a landlord for a farm space.


Now, aspiring young farmers with limited resources can rent YOUR farm structure, use it to rear their livestock and YOU will be paid.


You can build 1,000 fish ponds, 1,000 pig pens, 1,000 units of poultry pens,  and standard goat houses as well as structures for rabbits, snails, etc.

Install modern “Greenhouses”. This greenhouse investment will make you plenty of money in the shortest possible time.

Provide adequate security on the farm.

Provide steady electricity.

Provide clean water.


When you are done, go home and relax. This is a long term investment that will be printing money for you yearly.


✅Agro Warehousing/Storage Facilities.

As startup farmers, we face this challenge daily. After harvesting our crops, getting a safe place to store them for future use becomes difficult. For example, if you harvest yams now in December/January, you will need to store them in a well-ventilated environment for them not to get bad.


If you harvest fresh tomatoes now, it gets bad within 7 days when it’s not preserved well but with a good storage facility, fresh tomatoes can be preserved naturally for months. For a rural farmer to be able to provide such facilities, it might be impossible because he cannot afford it.


To solve this problem, YOU will set up a cold room system that can keep the farmers’ newly harvested tomatoes(and other vegetables) super fresh for weeks, and maybe months.


A standard warehouse building where farmers can store grains like Soybeans, Maize, Rice paddy, Millet, and others after harvest is a huge money-making business one should consider.

Maybe you are not a farmer, but you have the cash to build a warehouse and put it out for rent, you’ll make money.


✅Food Restaurants

A friend of mine who is into food business was telling me about a guy who is actively into cooked food business in Lagos. He makes about N3,000,000 (Three Million Naira) daily in sales.


For urban dwellers, they will understand me perfectly. Food is expensive all year round. Cooked food business is one business that will give you profit right from the first day. This is not magic neither is it difficult to understand its profitability here in Nigeria.


For Urban city dwellers, you don’t even need much preaching about this. You already know the cost of food. The cost of starting a food restaurant depends 100% on your taste not necessarily what your potential consumers want.


For example, I wanted to start a food restaurant last year(2020) and the estimated budget was N5,000,000 (Five Million Naira). Unfortunately, I was unable to raise the required funds therefore setting up a restaurant was a wish.


Take note: I didn’t consult my potential customers what food they wanted, which plates they wanted their food to be served in, or the chairs they would love to sit on to enjoy their meals.


These features cost so much money because I was looking at making it the best restaurant in Makurdi if not Benue State.


But does that matter?


Would that make us more money?

Definitely, yes.


Having the best kitchen will attract people’s attention and we will make more money selling cooked food. But while I was busy calculating big start-up capital in my head, a young lady started selling cooked food beside my proposed restaurant and she was making big money daily.


Here is the message, start that restaurant today. People can eat anything food. Start with Jollof rice, add fried plantain, egg, and vegetables. Let your consumers suggest which other food you should add.


The more you serve people, the better you understand food business. And one thing is certain about cooked food business, the sweeter the food, the higher the selling price.


And if you can make delicious meals, people will rush you with orders.

So, consider opening a restaurant where you are today. Start cooking food.


You can choose which time to open your kitchen, it could be in the Morning, Afternoon, or Evening.

Any hour of the day, cooked food sells!

Investments opportunities in agriculture cannot be written in one blog post, therefore, stay with me and you will see more.

Written by Denison

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