Goat Production: The profitability of commercial Goat breeding in Nigeria And To Easily Bank A Minimum Of N1.5Million Within 9 Months

Invest In Agriculture today

For sure I know not everybody was born with the ability to spot business opportunities, but I know so many persons out there who are good at executing an already written business plan to tremendous success. I see zillions of multimillion-dollar business opportunities right here in Nigeria daily especially from my niche(Agriculture).



Today I’m going to highlight this agricultural business opportunity for you if you are interested in venturing into the agric sector.


If you are wandering of business to venture into from the Agric sector either full time or part-time, I have good news for you; all you have to do is get a pen and paper and draft your business plan and start working on its execution immediately.



If you are a Nigerian youth staying in a rural area and thinking of migrating to urban cities in search of a white-collar job, desist from such a plan, I love and have good plans for you. Offload your bag and read this article with extreme care, trust me it won’t be a waste of your precious time.



If you are already in big city/town, begging for jobs and sleeping under a bridge and public transport motto parks, working under hot African/Nigerian sun daily and hoping one-day things might change and you’ll become a millionaire, I bet this article with open your eyes and give you a rethink.



You can become a million now than waiting for 10 years to come, just give me a few minutes and I will explain how you can milk out millions of Naira in Agriculture.

If you are already employed but not really satisfy with your monthly salary and ready to create another income source, you are in the right place, stay connected; read this article to the end and take action.


I present an under-tapped agribusiness venture to you onboard this day and everybody can do this business, old, young, students, employees. The business is from the Meat Industry, ladies and gentlemen I present GOAT REARING to you.



When it comes to livestock business, I see millions of Naira because the rate of meat consumption in the world is high and in Nigeria too, consuming meat daily is seeming as a luxury to most people.


I am presenting this business to you because of the simplicity and little capital requirement in starting and running the business successfully and how lucrative it is.



Nigerians are highly religious and some people are forbidden from eating goat meat, but I cannot tell which religion in Nigeria or Africa that forbidden rearing of goats as a business venture.

Therefore, your religion or personal belief might construct a huge barrage against goat meat consumption, but I advise you to rear goats, sell it out to those who are ready to pay you and make your millions silently.



When it comes to livestock rearing as a business venture, the Northers in Nigeria are the key players because they supply 95% of the total meat been consumed in Nigeria.

The northers constantly migrate from their states of origin which suffer from rainfall to Humid and Derived Savanna zones to feed their livestock and resell at a higher price to habitants of these Humid ecological zones.



A fellow farmer from the South West by name Yinka Adesola made a public cry a few months back on Facebook about this goat business, she asserts, South West has the highest quantity of rainfall and green grasses but we import goat and sheep from the north”.


If you are from South-West Nigeria, it is time you sit up and make positive use of the naturally blessed abundant resources from your backyard and turn it into money.


Someone might have asked, How profitable is goat rearing business in Nigeria?

Goat rearing is highly profitable but my answer might not really be true in all parts of Nigeria, because the value placed on Goat meat in Nigeria varies. We have states in Nigeria that don’t eat goat meat due to religious beliefs and if you are from those communities, commercial goat breeding might not be a profitable business venture for you.


I travelled to Owerri in Imo state and I saw how expansive goat meat was and if you are from that axis, stop reading this article, go out and start rearing goats for money this very minute because huge make awaits you outside.


You are leaving too many millions of Naira on the table.



How untapped this business venture is in Nigeria?

If you are a Nigerian, staying in Nigeria, please do yourself a favour. After reading this article, go out, conduct a market survey and ask how many Goat Farmers can consistently supply 10 mature and healthy goats (ready for meat) weekly for one month.


Trust me, you will travel around Nigeria and you will be unable to identify 10 farmers that can confidently boost supplying that small number of 30 goats consistently for 30 days. This is to tell you that goat farming is practised in Nigeria mainly for family consumption by a large number and a few persons do rear for commercial purposes and I advise you to take this business seriously.


Don’t be jobless, because you can easily bank ₦1,500,000 rearing goats for meat purpose.


I know your mind is fighting you right now with words like: “This guy is lying”. Please, rinse your mind. Some persons don’t see themselves joining the Millionaires class, so when they see “Making Millions Of Naira Weekly” their heart cut and they never pay attention to the message.


You can become a millionaire, trust me.


Back to business.

Goat rearing business has been highly under-tapped in our country Nigeria because the majority of our rural farmers keep goats as a side hustle. Their focus isn’t really rearing goats for commercial purposes.


I am not assuming because I did the market survey last year in different rural markets in Benue state and I was amazed at how much money was from goat rearing.


I went to a market last year, and the least goat was sold for ₦15,000. We (Me & Dad) had an occasion in my village and when it comes to village people matters, we give them the best.

We bought one matured goat for ₦31,000 cash. Let’s assume you are the farmer and you sold 50 goats in a year at ₦30,000 each.

See money: ₦30,000×50=₦1,500,000.

That’s ₦1.5M cash.



Maybe rearing goats for meat isn’t profitable in your community, but is a mega money-generating business in some states. For example, I travelled to Imo State a few months ago and observed that goat meat was reserved for people with strong taste and equal financial backup.


Goat meat is gold for the big guys in Imo State.

Go out and ask for a small piece of goat meat in your local market, maybe you’ll understand me better.


There’s money there my fellow Nigerian youths.

How can we make this money?


Good question.

Start a commercial goat farm today.

It takes 3-5 months for a female goat to deliver and a good breed can deliver 2-3 goats at once and can deliver twice a year.


For the big guys with money, let’s do some money calculations.

Let’s assume you start the farm with a minimum of 10 goats, 3 males, and 7 females.


Now 7 reproduce a minimum of 2 goats each, that’s 14 goats in the first 6 months and a baby goat cost a minimum of ₦8000; Not bad for someone who was jobless, hunting for jobs.

The mortality rate of goats is low. You’ll spend less money on drugs(All things being equal). Now, feeding of goats isn’t difficult (depending on your farm location) because goats usually feed on grasses.


And if you are Nigerian youth from the south-south, make use of that green vegetation at your backyard. Goats feed can easily be formulated for proper nutrients to boost productivity and once you start the farm, you should learn how to do formulate standard feed.


What You Must Know Before You Venture Commercial Goat Breeding


Number One: Market Value For Goat Meat

Like I said easier, the market value for goat meat is not and cannot be the same all over Nigeria. States where goat meat consumption is unholy to majority of its habitat due to their religious belief means, breeding goats in such an environment is a waste of time.


You might love rearing goats, but I have a message for you “I decide on what to sell only AFTER I have seen a market that wants to buy. Rather than create a product and look for customers, I discover customers(market) and then create a product or service for that market” -Akin Alabi.


Here is what you should do; conduct a comprehensive market survey of how goat meat is consumed in your community. Figures don’t lie, if the result is poor, do not invest your money and time in goat breeding.


Let’s assume you base in Jos or Nasarawa State where goats are reared in large quantity but you have a market in Lagos, or Abuja that is ready and can off-take your goats once it reaches market size or maturity, go ahead and rear goats right away.


As a farmer, I must tell, one of the frustrating moments in Agriculture is having your agro commodities ready for sale and begging buyers to come and patronize you. It sucks, therefore, it is an avoidable mistake, start right. Allow market demand to determine which business you should do not the business you taught were be profitable.


Visit that livestock market close to you and observe how goats are traded there.


Visit that animal slaughterhouse or market and study how meat is sold there, how much per kilo/kg. Ask those that into the business questions and use their answers as a beacon to mapped out your business structure.



Number Two: Pen/Animal Feed

Goat pen construction is simple, forget those sophisticated buildings you see over the internet, your goats need shelter and you won’t sell the pen but animal. Your pen should be as simple and cost-effective, remember you don’t have plenty of money throw around.


Your concern should be more on feeding your goats with quality feed. Remember you are venturing into breading of goats for commercial purposes, so the behave like normal people who assume Goats eat anything, therefore they never achieve reasonable results.


Goat feed should be properly cared for before any other thing could follow. Normally, goats prefer fresh grasses than any other food supplements you might think of. If you are residing in rural areas, sourcing green grasses would be easy, but those in urban areas will need to formulate feed for their goats.


And as a beginner, I will advise against you trying to formulate feed, if you must employ the service of an expert because if formulate wrongly, you might experience stunted growth in your livestock.


Number Three: Choose A Breed To Rear

We have numerous breeds of goats, demand differently by different consumers or markets. So, your responsibility is to identify the exact breed your customers are willing to buy and if profitable after subtracting your cost of production then go ahead and stock your pen.


I won’t tell you which breed to rear or which one is more profitable. Be serious enough to conduct a physical market survey and all your questions will be answered.


Number Four: Know Your Marketing Strategy

Now, you have to stock your pen with goats, feed them for months, and is time to sell. How do you want to market the mature goats? This one crucial aspect some people won’t tell you openly but as a consultant and practising farmer, it is a pitiful sight to have animals ready for market but no buyers coming forth to reward your efforts.


Most farmers end up selling below their cost of production, then regretting while they invest their money in agriculture. So, start right.


How many food restaurants do you know?

What meat do they cook? 

Who is their supplier?

What is their purchasing power?

And many more questions…

Answer those questions on paper before you stock your pen.


Also, go digital. I mean, your farm should have a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and website. Because we are living in a digital world today and you can reach a wider audience with your products via the internet and be able to sell outside your immediate environment. 


With the strike of coronavirus pandemic today, you do not need motivation from someone else to start your farm. Please, conduct a market survey and start your business because the demand for meat will never reduce.


The good news is, you can start with a minimum of 2 goats and N20,000 or less is big enough to stock your pen.



Written by Denison


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