How Much Money Do I Need To Start A Pig Farm That Can Give Me ₦3M with 9 months?

I don’t know who need to read this carefully. Forget the final result for now.

Don’t jump into rearing pigs with a Ponzi scheme mindset of “Invest ₦500,000 and earning ₦3,000,000 in less than 9 months”.

There are a lot of unwritten codes in livestock production that is yet to be uploaded on the internet. We have it in our heads and some experts in livestock production do not have internet presence.

On the internet, you will see what you want to see, which is “Making ₦3,000,000 without stress and in less than 6 months”.

Depending on your market, that might be possible, even before the 6th month if you know the ethics and norms of this industry.

Be trained first!

Or save your millions in your bank account peacefully. Ask these questions after you have acquired some basic/elementary practical knowledge about rearing pigs.

After the acquisition of elementary knowledge, sit down and calculate the monetary cost of the following essentials.

1: Why do I want to venture into piggery?

If you cannot answer this question with a strong face, save your money or invest in something else. Your answer should be; “I have a starving crowd ready to buy pigs from me and the profit margin is reasonable“.

Business is different from charity; therefore know your paying clients first.

If you are rearing  pigs for profit making, then concentrate on the figures only, nothing less, nothing more. The profitability of pig rearing cannot be overemphasis, inasmuch as it is a profitable business, it might not be the right venture for you due to your environment.

If you are base in a Muslim community where consumption of pork is forbidden, pig rearing is wrong business for you.

2: Do I have farmland already?

You don’t want to rear your pigs on the sky, right?

Then you need a few plots of farmland to start, sit down with a piece of paper/pen and know the cost of purchasing a 100×100 plots in that your community or where you intend to setup your farm first.

Know the cost of developing this plane plot by asking the following questions,

A bag of cement cost how much?

How many bags do I need to fence a 100×100 plot of land?

How much quantity of 2×2 or 2×4 wood do I need to construct a pen that can house 30 piglets?

What is the cost of zinc and how many bundles do you need to roof your pig pen?

How much quantity of 3, 4, 5… Inches of nail do I need and what is the monetary value?

Know the cost of building materials, workmanship, and a carpenter should be your consultant, not an internet farmer.

3: What is the cost of feeding 30 piglets for 12 months?

This is a fundamental question you must provide an answer to, because I am currently facing this challenge on my farm. I couldn’t estimate exactly the amount of money needed for feed formulation and now I have to source money from external sources to produce feed, and is not funny.

Don’t be like me.

On average, a pig consumes 4KG worth of feed daily. How much is the cost of 1KG of pig feed in your market? Pigs feed on almost everything edible but that doesn’t mean you give them rubbish, we have vegetables that can serve as complimentary feed for you.

Know the exact figures, don’t assume.

Do your multiplications correctly, write it down.

Know the cost of vaccination too.

4: How secure is your farm or investment?

Answer this question or open a savings account and keep your money safe, because hungry and jobless area boys will use your money to play virtual football.

Security for capital is keys not really the returns.

As an Agro consultant, I have clients who rushed into rearing birds base internet figures they read from attention seeking bloggers without diligent security check of their farmlands, rear birds to maturity and later experience heavy attacks by thieves which make them loss their invested capital.

5: Staffing.

This is for people who think with their millions of Naira(₦) invested in a project, their employees will take good care of their livestock. Out of 10 employees, only 2 work with a mindset of protecting your capital, 8 focuses on their salary.

They’ll care less for your livestock and hunger will destroy them. I once had this experience on my small farm too.

So, know your employees. Don’t employ base on favoritism, do it on merit.

Know the monetary cost of housing at least 5 staff for 12 months.

6: What breed of pig you want to rear and why?

We have various breed of pigs and they are rear differently. The feeding pattern, pen construction, and weather conditions are equally different.

Know which breed your market can pay for; know how long you’ll rear these pigs to maturity.

Sit down and know the figures, if you are too busy, hire an expert to handle this aspect for you.

Let’s stop here.

The above-mentioned steps should guide you in making the decision to invest in the business of piggery and livestock in general. The above calculations should be done in monetary value so you can know the financial implications.

You might have millions  of Dollars($)/Naira(₦) to invest but don’t have a market for pigs after maturity, therefore, I advice you to  invest in another business, do your market survey, don’t assume like normal entrepreneurs do, know your figures right.

Written by Denison

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