Make Money Trading Honey: How I started Selling Honey With N600 and Was Able To Make Over N750,000 In Less Than 60 Days

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You do not need a bee farm to make money from honey.

All you need is to know where to source for original/undiluted honey, and also know where to sell profitably. The only reason why people, especially youths in Africa, complain about unemployment is simply that they cannot sell other people’s products or commodities for a commission.


But let me remind you today, that in order to MAKE money, you MUST sell something and it could be a product or a service.


Let me see if I can explain this better to you.


When I saw the opportunity of making money from honey, my instinct told me to venture into beekeeping in commercial quantities and so I took action by first learning beekeeping online from an Australian instructor. Our classes were online, he would record videos from his farm and send them to me via WhatsApp to watch and practice.


The training was clear and I understood everything about beekeeping. I watched numerous videos of beekeeping on YouTube and they were clear to a level that a 5-year-old kid could understand and be able to put into practice.

I wanted to practice beekeeping too, but funding the project was my challenge.  This was in 2017/2018, I did my paper calculation and the figures show how profitable beekeeping was.


The business idea was in my head because beekeeping was to me, the most lucrative business ever that requires no extra work from me apart from providing the hives so they can produce money(honey) endlessly and all I could do was extract, sell, and enjoy the dividends.

Bees do not need vaccination or drugs from me like birds or pigs, they feed themselves and produce more honey without my knowledge.



It was a cool money printing business anyone could start from any part of the world. But I couldn’t fund the starting the way I wanted, but something happened that turned my life around. I knew it was possible for me to make money from honey without owning a bee farm when a social media friend asked if I could source for original honey from Benue State and send it to her in Lagos.



The business idea sprouted from her demand. My business partner and Co-founder of DENKOL FARMS, Shenge Mike already had a honey brand with NAFDAC approved number. The honey already gained market acceptability and there were great testimonies from satisfied customers to prove its originality, so I knew I could plugin and make some money for myself without owning a bee farm.


Note: The honey was NAFDAC approved and the packaging was right.


I had no extra work to do than hunting for buyers and connecting them to Shanghait Honey, then receiving a commission based on my performance. As a social media guy, I took the bottles to a photo studio for clean photos so I could upload them on social media. The studio photos cost only N600 and that was my capital.


Note: Attractive pictures matter when it comes to marketing your products online.


I was coming on board the honey business as a newbie and as such, I needed market acceptability. Starting my personal brand was good but it took time to gain market share or be able to compete with already existing honey brands, so, my best bet was to start by Selling Other People’s Products.


Note: This is where most young entrepreneurs get it wrong and never start their businesses. They have a new product in mind that demands huge funds to launch out, meanwhile, such products are already in the market, my advice is simple.

Start selling other people’s products, so you can understand the marketing side of the business.


Because some products or services are profitable only in the head. By selling in the physical world, those figures in your head will be re-shaped properly.


So, while I was coming into honey trading as a novice, I was not coming with a new product or brand name, all the bottles were neatly branded and I had plenty of positive testimonies from happy customers affirming that Shanghait Honey was undiluted and 100% original. I had less work trying to convince people that my product was original for them to pay me high.


Our agreed commission per bottle was 20%. 75CL was N2,000, 50CL cost N1,500 and 35CL was N1000.

It means I will earn N400, N300, N200 for selling 75, 50, and 35CL respectively.


Note: Some people cannot operate in the commission-based business arrangement because they will demand a 50/50 profit-sharing formula and they will be turned down by most people and therefore, keep complaining about money. I was earning 20% only.


As my commission was 20% only, I knew I needed to sell nothing less than 3 bottles(75CL) daily for 30 days which is 90 bottles to be able to earn a commission of N30,000 plus. And in Nigeria, people that earn N30,000+ are seen to earn a reasonable amount of money.

That was my sales target in the first 30 days, due to hard work and consistency, I was able to bank over N100,000 in commission.


Most of the orders I had in the first 30 days were bulk buyers. Some were buying 10, 20, and 25 litres of honey and by selling the unbranded bottles to them, I made a pure profit of over N700,000 cash without stress or hard labour.


Trust, I knew where my company was sourcing raw honey and none of the beekeepers was making such an amount in less than 60 days. Some might make more, but they work harder than I do.


All I had was a smartphone and Facebook account. My capital was N600 only.


Note: I know your mind is fighting you now. All you could see is reasons for how you won’t sell someone else’s product and be able to bank half a millionaire in less than 30 days, but I want you to know that it is possible. Just learn how to sell and you will be unstoppable.


I had no energy or resources required to start a new business but connecting to the working system was easier. And I connected and made a good amount of money and learnt a lot about raising bees and honey business.


Often salespeople will try to convince the customer to buy by assuring him that their product or service is being sold at the very best price available in the market. But frequently, the prospect is more concerned about the name or reputation of the company selling the product. He would rather buy something that is better known, even if it costs more money” -Brian Tracy.


Above is the summary of how I started selling honey and how I was able to make money without a bee farm of my own. The formula above can be applied to any product or service on planet earth.


Why struggle to launch a new skincare product, when you can easily sell an already accepted product and make your money? I see no reason for you to start a Garri processing factory in Nigeria when we have thousands of mini-factories with quality Garri but struggling to sell.

All you have to do is buy, resell, and cash-out.


Before you start any Agro-business, “You need to know what you are able to do better or differently than the competition in order to win with your business. The things you choose to have an edge in must be things that your customers or clients value. It is a great waste of effort and money to build a difference in your business that your customer doesn’t care about” -Joan Baker.


What I could do differently from my competitors was selling NAFDAC approved and market, acceptable honey. No time to start a new brand and struggle to convince potential buyers that my product was the best.

The strategy I use is doable. Stop struggling and start making money trading Agro commodities today. It must not be honey, you can start with any product.

Note: This article is not to motivate you. I just shared what is doable, and everyone alive can do it.

Written by Denison


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