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Trust me, you won’t find this information anywhere on the internet. I have these commandments in my head for over 6 years and decide to upload it today here for my readers.


If you disobey one of the commandments, you’ll regret investing in your hard-earned money in poultry but if you obey all, your bank account will smile and be flooded with good money.


And I repeat. You won’t find this commandment anywhere in the world, I personally publish them today because they have worked positively for us at DENKOL FARMS for years and I want you to duplicate today.


Read and obey. It is a secret some poultry farmers won’t expose for FREE to you, but I love you and born to share my knowledge.


NUMBER ONE: Keeping your birds too long increases the possibility of losing them to natural disasters, and if your birds are overweight, they can die anytime. Sell your birds and cash-out once a consumer is ready to pay a good price.


Do not be too anxious about keeping your birds for 3-4 months before selling. You are here to make money not show up.


NUMBER TWO: When to sell your birds should be determined by your customers, not the figures in your mind. If your customers are ready to buy at week(4), do your money calculations and if profitable, sell and relax your mind.

Restock your pen with DOC, and repeat the process.


NUMBER THREE: It is better to sell your birds for N1,700 and earn N900 as pure profit, than selling at N2,000 and earning N800.

Many people make this avoidable mistake, keep accurate financial records and you will enjoy the business better. Every week, you should know the worth of each bird in your pen.


Before you sell your birds, calculate the cost of production and divide by the number of birds you have. Once you know the monetary implication, you will know how much a bird could cost.


NUMBER FOUR: Birds do not need drugs in drinking water every day but only when they’re sick. Always reduce production costs. I know experts will kick against this one because is hard to Un-learn what school teaches us.


Don’t follow them. If you do, you’ll never make 100% profit rearing birds, you will make money for a vet doctor. Stars do that easily, novice cry daily. If you consult a vet doctor today about this particular point, they will advise against this.


But, save your money. Stop spending unnecessarily. In this business, drugs are not cheap here. Spend wisely.


NUMBER FIVE: Carefully observe your birds daily and if you notice any abnormality, report exactly what you see to a Vet Doctor and the right drugs will be administered to the birds.


Don’t spend too much money on drugs unnecessarily in the name of “Growth Booster” or “Multivitamin”.

Professional farmers don’t do that.


NUMBER SIX: Many people make this avoidable mistake, “They feed their birds 24/7 hours because someone somewhere said birds eat a lot of food.


Be wise today. When it comes to feeding your birds, know your market because it will determine when it’s time to sell and how much to sell.


On average, if 100 broilers should consume more than 20 bags of 25KG with 8 weeks, there is something wrong with your feeding timetable.

Control their feeding rate. Feed your birds 3 times a day.


NUMBER EIGHT: Give your birds more water than their formulated feed. Without water in a day, they wouldn’t die but cannot survive 6 hours without water.


Check their drinkers frequently and check their water once is dirty and too hot. Our weather in Africa is hot, so, drinking water should be changed when hot.


NUMBER NINE: Consider the ventilation of the Pen because fresh air is the best vaccine ever you can issue to your birds. If the pen construction is wrong, no amount of drugs can control birds’ mortality rates.


Ventilation is the best vaccine.


NUMBER TEN: Life of the birds is in your hands. Therefore, when they died it is your fault. Protect them, care for them and they’ll solve your financial problems. Bio-security is key.


Not to verbose this article, follow simple instructions or you continue wasting money. And if want to venture into broilers production or you want to up your game in this industry, get my book title “Poultry Farming Without Tears” and you will start right.


Thank you for reading this content. Share if you find it valuable and ask your questions about poultry business and I will answer you or appreciate.

Written by Denison


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