Hold first, “Have you test dried chicken meat, cooked with vegetable (ugu) and melon (egusi) before?, if NO, that should be your goal this year”.

Image: Oven-dried chicken meat

If you are a Nigerian staying in Nigeria, you must have understood our power supply industry already. I’m talking about NEPA. They frustrate small business owners who operate businesses that cannot do without electricity daily in most parts of the country.

I know of a small business owner who operates a pure water manufacturing factory that spends a minimum of N8, 000 daily on diesel to power their appliances.

You already know NEPA whala in our country, so I waste much time discussing their incapacitated state, let’s focus on ways to operate in the broken system.

I consulted for someone last year (2019) on businesses that we’re profitable during festive seasons (Christmas and New Year) in Nigeria. It was a phone session that lasted for 45minutes of detailed talks on the “Meat Industry” and how to cash out a reasonable amount of money.

The man in question here had enough money to invest, so I proposed “Frozen Meat Business” which requires a steady power supply to keep meat fresh, behold, the business was profitable.

Today, let’s discuss “Dried Meat Business” with a focus on chicken.
Here you don’t necessarily need a steady power supply to run this business; you might need the electricity to dry your meat once. Chicken meat once dried can last for 9-12 months and still be healthy for human consumption.

The dried meat is recommendable to anybody, people who run away from fresh meat, and those who don’t touch chicken meat due to fats, but when properly dried, the fats are lessened and healthy for everyone.

The fortunate thing is, you don’t need sophisticated machines to start this business.

As a starter, a small hydrator can serve this purpose and the last time I checked, a small hydrator cost around N150,000.
And we have sharp Nigerian fabricators can design this machine and sell below that price and it performs normal like the foreign hydrators. You can build a big business here selling dried meat and not just chicken meat.

You can start making money here without owning poultry or livestock farm, so your excuse of “I don’t have farmland” is invalid.

You must not have land to start making money from Agriculture.
Buy raw farm produce,
Add value to them,

Make your money without getting your hands dirty.
Start making money from the poultry industry today.

Written by Denison

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