Why Most Nigerian Youths Prefer To Be Jobless Than Embracing Agriculture As A Career: The Mentality Of “Farming is for illiterate” Must Be Worked On”

The Nigeria government has been shouting Diversification! Diversification! Diversification! All over the media channels.


By now you should know what diversification means to our government. Redirecting attention to the AGRICULTURAL sector, which was our core sector before the discovering of black oil.


Is a crying shame that we all know our problems but still on unable to tackle them effectively. We are so much afraid about returning to our mother sector ‘Agriculture’.



Sad me: Do you know that some Nigerians in the populace are dying of food hunger? Go out and observe. I had an encounter recently with an illiterate (without certificate), but successful farmer in my village while I visited to harvest my rice.


Learning from the top archivers is my hobby.


After asking this successful rice farmer millions of questions about rice farming, the last statement he made open my eyes.

Farming is for illiterate like me, your certificate is for oil money go and sit in an AC office, sign papers and steal millions silently“.



I explained to the old man why I prefer farming to steal public funds in offices.

The farmer was so happy with my dexterity in a native language and also my vision about agriculture, and promise to guide my move in the rice cultivation business.



The priceless lesson I learnt that day is the main reason why shouting diversification on TV channels and radio would redirect the masses to agriculture.


Do you know?

Over 65% of jobless Nigeria youths are educated, and their higher grade certificate is lying idle in their folders. While in higher institutions, they were trained to become employees in big government/private owned companies.



They, therefore, allow those unrealistic lectures taught in school to loomed on them, hoping for employment opportunities endlessly. If the Nigeria government want to redirect our attention to agriculture, our hoping for white-collar jobs in big companies mentality needs to be work on.


The white-collar job mentality is the secret behind a higher number of unemployed university graduates. And the number of jobless graduate increases yearly from our higher institutions of learning.



Those illiterate(without certificate) youths in villages see farming as punishment for not going to school. They, therefore, farm meagerly only for their immediate family consumption, not for commercial purpose.


They engage in farming activities because it is a prison sentence for not acquiring western education. Zero passion!. So, that’s the missing link: Nobody is farming to feed the nation actually.


The disinclination of our youths both educated and illiterates to engage in farming is at an alarming rate now. Educated youths who restively ignore agriculture should rethink in a panoramic manner.



It is a pitiful sight to see that demanded certificate in your file and be unable to feed yourself 3 times a day. Stop hoping on those promises we hear from our politicians during campaigns. Embrace agriculture, oil money isn’t meant for everyone.



Agriculture is not bias, it doesn’t discriminate, it favours no religion and has no political party. She distributes her fruits evenly base on what you plant.


You don’t even need a certificate to become a six-figure earner in this sector, your geopolitical zone has zero effect here. Hide your certificate in an iron cabinet, come out and farm happily. Harvest food/money, and feed the nation.


Farming Is Romantic, it belongs to nobody, is for everybody. Bosses involve in farming willingly.


Nature doesn’t bless wishes, the works of your hands would be blessed.

Written by Denison


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